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2023 Moon Manifestation Course - Part 1

You are a powerful manifestor!

  • Ended
  • 88.88 US dollars
  • Chicago

Service Description

*Note: Please be sure to check the dates so that you can fully commit! Dates will stay the same, depending on how many people sign up, times may change to be more flexible with everyone's schedule! Dates: 1/21, 1/28, 2/5, & 2/13 (Pay once ($88.88) on 1/21 and you will be signed up for all four sessions!) Manifestation is a powerful tool that we can learn to use in our daily lives. We can literally create the life that we want, we just have to believe that we are worthy and capable. The law of attraction states that like attracts like, so if we are thinking about the things we want, the universe is bound to grant those manifestations. Doubt is obvious but if we have a support system and a weekly check-in on what we are actively doing to manifest, those manifestations will come to life and change us and how we view what we want. The manifestation course will focus on the following four stages of the moon cycle; new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and last quarter moon. The new moon is invisible to us and this phase marks the start of the waxing cycle of the moon which lasts about two weeks from the new moon to the full moon. This is the time to make your wishes and plant your intentions, in other words this is the time to speak our manifestations into existence. The first quarter moon occurs about 7-10 days after the new moon and is when the moon looks like a half-moon. During this phase, challenges and obstacles may arise that have to do with your current manifestation focus. This will be a time when we talk about the challenges and come up with actionable plans to work through the challenges and obstacles. The full moon occurs 15-18 days after the new moon and it brings a climax, sometimes an emotional explosion depending on what sign the moon is in and it brings in a chance to see what you've manifested before we move into the waning cycle. This is where we will celebrate our manifestations and share what we have learned. The last quarter moon occurs 7-10 days after the full moon and is the time to let go, release and surrender anything that didn't work out, and even hibernate. We will focus on reflection and meditation and release until the next cycle. This manifestation course is an opportunity for you to meet like minded people and to see the magic the moon has to offer us. It is a chance for you to see the magical being you are and to learn to trust that what is meant for you will not pass you by.

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  • Chicago, IL, USA

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